Biological Sample Testing Terms and Conditions

DNA Labs will ensure to maintain confidentiality in connection with this test.


1.1 The analysis provided by DNA Labs is prepared solely for the use of the client ordering the test. DNA Labs makes no representation, expressed or implied that the result of the analysis is useful or purposeful for any other purposes other than information.

1.2 DNA Labs reserves the right to perform or have performed the testing and analysis using methods and processes DNA Labs deems appropriate.


2.1 DNA Labs does not warrant; (A) that the services provided by DNA Labs will meet the expectations of the client; or (B) that DNA Labs will be free from defects or errors. DNA Labs reserves the right to have samples tested at any DNA Laboratory of choice.

2.2 I acknowledge and agree that DNA Lab’s liability to me arising out of, or in any way related to the testing services contemplated herein, shall not exceed 50% the cost of the test. I agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless DNA Labs and its officers, Partners, employees, and agents, from any claims, damages arising from the test and/or its results.

2.3 DNA Labs has no knowledge or control of samples submitted from any alleged party whose DNA is being tested. The client assumes complete liability in connection with the results and subsequent actions arising from the use of such samples. The signatory submitting samples from a non-signatory does so on the basis of accepting any and all liability in any action arising from the use of test results from the non-signatory samples, for which it agrees DNA Labs is to be held blameless.

2.4 This test is being done without a documented chain of custody and is therefore not legal or definitive

2.5 Any actions taken by any concerned parties following the release of results are of no fault of DNA Labs who does not assume responsibility for any such actions or their consequences. DNA Labs shall be deemed blameless in connection with any such activities.

2.6 Any claim or dispute between you (“Client”) and DNA Labs, its officers, partners, employees and affiliated companies (collectively DNA Labs shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the province of Ontario. Any claim or dispute shall be submitted before the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto, Ontario.

2.7 The sample provider(s) are willing to be bound by these conditions if DNA Labs proceeds with the testing.

2.8 Any test result is the only official on issuance of a signed document. Verbal results are not valid unless the issuance of a signed document.

2.9 DNA Labs will attempt to make results only available to the signatories of these terms.




Refund Policy Terms :




Refunds can be made only before samples have been submitted into the Lab for testing. Any refunds processed before Lab submission will be deducted for shipping and any administrative costs incurred totaling a maximum of 15% of the test cost.


Once samples have been sent back to DNA Labs refunds cannot be processed.




Refunds processed before lab submission please see below.


you declare and confirm that you are no longer DNA LABS’s client and DNA LABS is not liable to you for any issues related to this service. Further, you declare and affirm that you hereby release and forever discharge DNA LABS of and from all actions, causes of action, damages, liabilities, claims and demands whatsoever, known or unknown, which you had or now have, or which you can, shall or may have against DNA LABS for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to all actions, causes of action, damages, liabilities, claims and demands that have arisen or may arise from and out of this service and have arisen or may arise from any provincial or federal, whether legal or equitable, whether any tort, contract or common law. Furthermore, you also declare and acknowledge that you shall not in any way denigrate, disparage or defame DNA LABS through any verbal or written comments disseminated by electronic means or otherwise.